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So what exactly is this horrid cellulite that so many of us suffer from?

Simply put, its small amounts of fat that become trapped in pockets just below the skins surface.

Because the fat is close to the surface, it creates that oh.. lovely cottage cheese appearance we all love so much!

Thankfully, there are various ways to deal with it effectively.

The answer for the last couple of decades to Cellulite has been liposuction. Simply put they literally suck the fat out of you, but since it is a medical procedure there are risks associated with it.

The risks associated with Liposuction are:

  • Scars
  • Swelling
  • Infections
  • Contour irregularities
  • and loose skin (to name just a few)

I’m sure you have heard a few horror stories about a liposuction treatment that didn’t quite go to plan.

If you combine the medical risks with the often sky high expense of liposuction, it shouldn't be a hard decision to try a good home cellulite reducing system before going under the knife.It's a safer alternative and a LOT less expensive.

So how does a good home cellulite reducer work? If it's not pulling the fat out of the problem areas how does it act on them from the outside?

First thing to cover is that is there are some pill-based products that you can take as a cellulite reducer. To be honest it's not really the best way to rid the body of cellulite because blood doesn't run well in the areas where cellulite exists. That’s one on the reasons it cellulite appears. And with low blood flow, it's difficult to get the pills active ingredients to the area to help reduce the cellulite.

However you may think that's it's just as difficult to solve the cellulite problem from the outside in. Not true, many cellulite reducers that are cream based products are applied to the affected area once or twice a day but they use active ingredients to actually shrink the fat below the skin. By shrinking the fat cells, skin becomes more toned, and moisturized in the process.

These creams used with a good cellulite massager and used on a regular basis will yield very effective results. In as little as 3-4  weeks the right cream combined with the right massager will show a significant  improvement, but you do need to be committed to the system.

Remember nothing happens over night, you need to follow the products instructions and ensure you give the cellulite reducers time to do there job. Many products offer a free trial, or money back guarantee you should take advantage of this to test out the different products on the market, and if you're not satisfied with them get your money back.

But remember if you stick to the plan for a month you will see good results so give any product a good 30 days before making up your mind.

So eat healthy food, exercise well, find a good cellulite reducing cream and combine with a good cellulite massager -  keep it up for at least a month and get rid of that cellulite!

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