What to Look For When Buying a Home Cellulite Massager

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When choosing a massager to use for cellulite removal it is really important to get a mains plug massager.

Any massager that is battery operated just won't be strong enough to do the job -  and the moment the battery runs down you will lose more and more power and it will become less and less effective -  so only purchase a good mains massager that has a professional power to it

Think about what the professional use  -  would they use a flimsy battery operated massager or a mains plug one with real power to get things moving.

The point of the massage is to break down fatty deposits and increase the circulation in the affected area. This will help flush away any build up of toxins that can contribute to cellulite.

The Aldrah Health Pro massager (pictured here) is an excellent  powerful massager that has real pro strength.

It also has a brush attachment for the head which is perfect for skin brushing and a deep muscle reaching attachment which seriously helps to tone the muscles underneath. 

So not only are you removing the cellulite but you're also toning up the muscles underneath that has been covered up by the cellulite.

It is sold in the UK and is used as a 'secret'  tool by many beauty therapists for cellulite treatments.

It has a similar power and effectiveness than a G5 massager but at a quarter of the price.

Its available in the UK and Europe here :  Aldrah Health Pro Massager

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