Easy Methods To Prevent And Reduce Cellulite

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This is for everyone who has cellulite (or those who want to prevent it)

The best advice is to go on a detoxifying diet, include in the diet many fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoiding black tea, iced tea, coffee and alcohol. Tinned foods are also a no no.

Its Important to keep an eye on the 'water retainer' alimentary substances, which can increase the problem of having cellulite. A good example is sodium which exists in large amounts in the salt and salty products like crisps

Lactose (sugar of milk) can have the same effect, so it also has to be consumed with moderation. Choose yoghurts and cheeses that are reduced in lactose or try the non dairy ones

It is also really important to reduce the fat in the diet, since it contributes for the increase of cells that produce the adipose tissue, consequently leading to weight gain and cellulite problem areas on the body.

As well as having a balanced diet, you must exercise regularly.

You should eat food that contains vitamins, fibres, minerals and fewer calories, since they regulate the process of energy production in the system. They also help in the restoration of tissues, keeping your skin healthy and attractive

Drinking the right amount of water is also very important. You must drink a minimum of two litres per day to hydrate the body; this procedure aids the kidneys in the elimination of toxins and assists in the treatment for cellulite.

Have six meals in small portions during the day rather than one or two larges ones. It makes the digestion easier. You will have less appetite and your metabolisim will work efficiently.

Be sure to chew properly and slowly – This will slow down digestion, meaning that the stomach will take longer to send 'hunger' messages to the brain, diminishing your desire to eat more.

Here are some extra tips to prevent cellulite: 

  • Eat Lean protein sources for example egg whites, white meat (such as chicken and fish meat) and lean red meat like fillet steak
  • Grill foods instead of Frying 
  • Avoid food with too much fat, such as greasy pizzas, curries, cheese, cheap sandwiches and biscuits, ice-cream, etc.
  • Choose having food that lack refined sugar. Some of these are: pasta, potatoes and fruits.
  • Avoid using excessive oil during the preparation of the food.
  • Foods containing mostly fibre are great sources of energy and help to diminish the absorption of fat as well as contributing for the regulation of the intestine.
  • Keep your salt intake low  – If you prepare a meal, do not add too much salt during its preparation neither after it's ready. Here's a tip: Do not place the saltcellar on the table to start with!
  • Avoid fizzy drinks and alcoholic beverages, because they only provide empty calories and possess no nutritional value at all.  Drink non concentrated juices or water.
  • Practice aerobic physical exercises, like jogging, riding bicycle and swimming; these sorts of exercises help your body to burn fat and calories, consequently decreasing the cellulite.
  • If you really want to burn the fat – choose an exercise that gets you out of breath like hill sprints.
  • Use a good massager on a daily basis on the areas that have cellulite this helps shift the stubbon cellulite that exercise and diet alone can't get rid of.

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